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Is Jazz Dead?

Posted by Larry Van Kriedt on

Where is jazz going?
What will jazz be in the future?

What is jazz?

If jazz is dead - long live the spirit of jazz

Jazz has been around for more than 100 years. It has survived world wars and international stock market collapses. It gave its name to the 20s, filled the dance floors in the 30s, was the soundtrack to the 40s, got intellectual in the 50s, went electric in the 60s and funky in the 70s… 

Jazz is more than just a category or a genre, it is bigger than any fashion, trend or fad.

It is a cultural phenomenon now playing around the world. From New York to New Zealand, Tokyo to Timbuktu, improvised musical expression lives on...

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  • Jazz, I consider real well played American music, and to play it skillfully, one must be a musician that understands the music and his instrument. Jazz will never die out, its part of life and our culture!

    Bobby Shea,

    Robert Schlaefer on

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