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The Nearness Of You

Posted by Lawrence Van Kriedt on

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Stuart MacDonald on sax. Stuart's sax shop, Woodwind Exchange, is in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK. 
Direct all inquiries about Stuart, his gear, and purchasing saxophones to Woodwind Exchange.

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  • Loved it, Loved it…. Soft and smooth with much control.

    Thomas (spknout) on
  • Fantastic playing Stuart. Been playing sax 24 years now, but i´ll never get to that level. How did you learn?

    Mick McCormack on
  • Fantastic articulation and tone, would love to hear you play this on a modern tenor just to hear the difference, still looking for the answer how much is the horn how much is the person playing it.

    Gerry Smith on
  • Lovely sleepy backing on The Nearness Of You. Stuart’s playing makes me want to weep. Great website also.

    Paul Frankland on
  • What a fantastic upgrade on your already brilliant website guys,just love it!

    Chris Adams on

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