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Jazzbacks and Soulbacks Celebrate the Launching of New Site!

Posted by Lawrence Van Kriedt on


What a week it was! The decision to launch a new online store came like an asteroid from outer space, and we are so glad it did! Updating our technology and moving out of the "dinosaur age" was the best thing we have ever had to do!

Now, we have joined the two sister sites, Jazzbacks and Soulbacks, together into one powerful organisation under the Jazzbacks banner. We have always produced the backing tracks for both sites and will continue to do so, continuing with the same production values. So now we have Jazz Standards, Modern Jazz, Bossa Novas/Latin, Smooth Jazz, R&B, Soul, Funk, and Blues - altogether in one shop. We have many great backing tracks in the pipeline for all of those categories. 

A special thanks goes out to Oliver Plunkett who has been on hand with some excellent advice. We hope he will continue to be with us as our development program continues.

There is still a long way to go......but come with us! I think it's going to be a lot of fun!

There is plenty to celebrate!!!

Check out our backing tracks now!!!

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  • Pete, with regards to sheet music you will find that there are quite a lot of lead sheets available, but not for all songs.

    When you are searching for songs by instrument, there are many tags in the left column. Select ‘has Lead Sheets’ and… voila!

    Larry Van Kriedt on
  • Hi folks – Congratulations on the launch of your new site. I’m a huge fan of your backing tracks. I use them via a PA system with my guitar and one or two other instruments to get a great small ensemble sound. I can provide nice sounding mostly-live performance music at really reasonable price for some venues. Don’t stop cranking them out!

    Warren Backer on
  • well done guys!! an excellent pro product.

    pat mac on
  • Site looks great, but still no sheet music with tracks/

    pete on

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