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Counting In - Yes or No?

Posted by Lawrence Van Kriedt on

Here is a discussion on the use, or non use, of count-ins on our backing tracks. 

Historically, we at Jazzbacks have not used count-ins at all. Instead, a clear musical introduction to each song set the stage for your instrument to take the lead. This idea is great for Melody Instruments and singers, but, possibly, not so great for other instruments, like for example, drums or piano. So, we began to include a count in on tracks intended specifically for certain instruments - tracks 'for Piano', tracks 'for Chordal Instruments', and tracks 'for Drums' in particular.

However, it must be said that count-ins have crept in gradually in the past 12 months or so to also be included on tracks 'for Melody Instruments', tracks 'for Guitar' and unbelievably even on tracks 'for Solo Vocals'.

Removal of Count-Ins

It has been brought to my attention that these count-ins would be best removed from tracks 'for Melody Instruments', tracks 'for Guitar' and tracks 'for Solo Vocals'.

And so, they have been removed from these products. If you find any renegade count-ins lurking in the shadows on these tracks, please let me know so that I can remove them.

Have Your Say

If you are happy with the above plan of action, you need say nothing.
If you have any relevant points on the subject, please, please let us know about them. 

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