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Soulbacks - Backing Tracks made with Soul

The Soulbacks brand is now proudly calling Jazzbacks home, and Jazzbacks is happy to have the diversity of backing track styles that soulbacks brings with it - R&B, Smooth Jazz, Blues, Funk, Soul. 

If you are already familiar with Soulbacks you will realise that the production values and musicians behind the sound give it a level of class and distinction that compliments the Jazzbacks sound. 

 Soulbacks are pure, live, play-along backing tracks in many styles made by musicians for musicians. Are you a solo performer......or maybe a duo? Now, with the help of Soulbacks, you can "nail", with style, flair and ease that upcoming function gig!

Available in our selection are mixes to suit all solo or duo combinations, in standard vocal keys suitable for either male or female voices, all with a natural, genuine, small combo musical groove and feel! On top of that, why not use our backing tracks to make your demos. You'll be gigging in no time!

What kind of people use Soulbacks Backing Tracks? Professional to entry level musicians of all instruments, vocalists, solo performers or those in duos or trios, educators, folks who are teaching themselves, people who just want to have fun and jam at home with a good groove based band.

What is different about Soulbacks backing tracks? Unlike other backing track providers, our tracks are played live - Live drums, live bass, live guitar, live piano, live saxophone, live Hammond B3, etc, but we are not afraid to use a tasteful drum loop or try something unique. 

So what are you waiting for? Check out Soulbacks now!!