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Learn To Improvise

In this series of instructional videos we look at various jazz standards and provide
you with tools to begin improvising over the chord changes. Designed for the newcomers to jazz.
Step by step we will progress you to the next level.  

  • If you are a newcomer to jazz you will find these videos to be an exciting entry
    point into the world of improvisation. 

  • If you are an “ear player” who wants to improve your knowledge of jazz theory
    and chord knowledge you will find these videos to be a great help in assisting
    your progression.

  • You may be a more experienced player seeking to develop a bebop inspired
    jazz vocabulary . If so you will find that the videos provide examples of useful
    licks whil
    st suggesting ways to develop your own.

Multi Instrumentalist Jeremy Platt breaks down the code of each standard and points
you in the right direction to begin improvising on your instrument. 

With each jazz standard in the Learn To Improvise series, you will have exclusive
to the
Tool Box at no extra charge.


What is the Tool Box? click here for info

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    Learn To Improvise - The Blues
    Learn To Improvise - Blue Bossa