Privacy Policy & Cookies

Privacy Policy

Information We Collect

For all visitors to our site, we collect aggregated information on pages viewed. For subscribers and shoppers we additionally collect registration information, billing information and information required to sell goods and deliver purchased goods. Newsletter subscribers subscribe or unsubscribe solely by opting pro-actively opting-in or out. 

For buyers who buy something that is delivered by download we collect information relating to any transactions recorded by us or returned by the payment gateway. We do not record buyer card or bank details.

Legal basis

Data is recorded for contractual reasons. That is Jazzbacks provides a service and, in order to do so, we must record some data. 

Use of Data

The data recorded is used to: a) provide checkout capabilities for the shopper b) to enable us to contact the shopper and c) to fulfill our legal and financial obligations. 

For buyers who buy something that is delivered by download we collect data so we can provide them with access to their purchase. 

Data is not shared or sold in any form, including raw or aggregate form, unless either required by law officials (subject to our Terms and Conditions). We do not have advertising on our site. 

Customer data can be accessed, edited, or deleted by the customer logging in to their account. 


Jazzbacks operates a Newsletter which customers must actively opt-in to in order to receive customer discount codes. The only data required for this is an email address. Unsubscribing from this list is offered with each Newsletter. The Newsletter is organised by Jazzbacks and sent out via a third party app called Omnisend. Email addresses on this list are protected and are not sold on or shared out with any other parties.


We use cookies for authentication (logging you into your account), site functionality (the shopping cart, the affiliate scheme and the referral scheme), to analyse our site performance (via Google Analytics) and for advertising management (Jazzbacks adverts you may see around the internet). These cookies record session information on the device you're using to access our website. You can remove these cookies at any time via your browser preferences.

Retention and Withdrawal

Jazzbacks retains data as long as an account is active. Inactive accounts are removed after 2 years.

As data is used for contractual reasons it would not be possible to provide a service without the data.

Right of appeal

You have a right of appeal. In the first instance please contact Jazzbacks via our contact pages.


This policy may be periodically updated.