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Backing Tracks for Trumpet

This is the place to find backing tracks for Trumpet, Flugal Horn, Cornet. There are no melodies or solos on these backing tracks as we've left these for you to play. Our jazz savvy bassist, drummer, and piano player make you the star player.

We take our time making these tracks and we respect the details of these time honoured standards. Play along with these tracks and embolden your playing ability.

Here are the jazz songs that culturally shaped the twentieth century. All the great jazz trumpet players cut their teeth playing the same tunes that make up our catalogue. Players like Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie and many more. They all played these tunes in one setting or another.

Bb, Eb and Concert sheet music or at least the chord charts will come with each track at no extra charge. Check individual product details to find out.