Alfie - for Instruments & Vocals


What's It All About Alfie?

Here are our backing tracks of Alfie. 

From our Quiet Zone Collection

Find peace, quiet, and warmth with this tranquil ballad backing track featuring nothing but piano. Alfie - one of the greatest songs ever written.

Suitable for all Instruments and Vocalists.

Bundles available in the keys of
C  (the standard key) 
F - (in a female vocal range)
Bb  (an alternative key) 

With this bundle you get three tracks for the one price

     1. Alfie - for Instruments 
There is only piano providing chordal backing on this track from start to finish. You sing or play the melody and solo as you wish. 

     2. Alfie- for Vocals 
Piano all the way through, but with a short 16 bar piano solo at the start of the second time through. I know many horn players like to use these tracks  as well as vocalists.

     3. Alfie- Guide Track 
The melody and solo are played on a guitar to demonstrate how they can be performed. Learn by ear with this track. 


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Alfie - for Instruments & Vocals


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Joanna Paula

Beautiful Alfie backing tracks package, thank you dear Jazzbacks :)


Beautiful! Been wanting to sing this song for a long time. However, both keys are too high for my voice. Not much difference between Bb and C.

Cheryl - Good News! It's now available in the key of F, as well as C & Bb!

Jimmy Bonar

What an exquisite song to be made available on Jazzbacks. You can't just sing this, you have to really find your inner self to sing this. Thanks again Larry for making it possible.

Stefan G. Rasmussen
That's what it's about...

Poetic and philosophical lyricks, that with empathic execution will melt most of your audience.
In addition, this backing is so delicately executed that you can hardly resist giving yourself completely to the interaction...