Backing Tracks for Bass

The tracks in this category have no bass
on them. So, you or your bass player, can play the bass part.

Also, there are no melodies or solos played on these tracks, so, they are excellent for duos consisting of a Bass and a Melody Instrument, like,for example, a Saxophone, or very possibly a Guitar. Of course you could easily add vocals also.

These backing tracks feature live drums and piano for you to play along with.

Accurate chordal integrity ensure you are developing skills in tune with jazz and blues culture.

Listen to the instrumentation of each track by previewing the Audio Sample and imagine what sort of instruments you could provide over the backing tracks.

Suitable for bass guitar as well as double bass, string bass, or upright bass.

You will gain confidence playing with these tracks, the same tunes that the great bass players have all played. 

Each track comes with chord charts or sheet music for C, Bb, and Eb instruments. The bass is a 'C' concert tuned instrument. We provide the Bb and Eb instrument charts for duos.

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Let It Snow - for Bass
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - for Bass
Christmas Song (Chestnuts) - for Bass
We Three Kings - for Bass
I'll Be Home For Christmas - for Bass