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On Broadway - for All Instruments

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From The George Benson Collection

Modelled on and inspired by the George Benson version of 'On Broadway', with all of the key changes and live feel this well-known lively classic will warm up any party.

Suitable for all instruments. All you need to do is decide which mix best suits your needs.

available in the starting key of:
Ab (key change to A, and then to Bb) - same as the George Benson arrangement

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tempo: 120 bpm

duration: 4:20


Count-in - 2 bars 
Intro - 8 bars
Head - 16 bars  (key of Ab)
key change (A) -  vamp - 4 bars
Head - 16 bars (key of A)
key change (Bb) – vamp – 8 bars
Head – 16 bars  (key of Bb)
Solo – 16 bars X 3
Outro - ‘On Broadway’ vamp – 8 bars


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Customer Reviews

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You get the best with Jazzbacks

On Broadway is a perfect backing track!
I've been using backing tracks from Jazzbacks for many years now. They are simply the best you can get. Real tracks created by real musicians. I play in small venues and restaurants where a full band is not practical. That's where Jazzbacks works wonders. I'm able to play my tenor sax to Jazzbacks and folks love it. Excellent choice for the solo musician!

A1 file

Great file of Broadway, can't wait to play it live....I use lots of jazzbacks/Soulbacks files & they always set the mood!!

Thanks Larry!!