Stella By Starlight - Free Download - for Melody Instruments


Suitable for all Melody Instruments and Duos with an added Male Vocalist.

available in the keys of:
Bb - the standard key
F - an alternate key in a female vocal range

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Stella By Starlight - Free Download - for Melody Instruments


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Kevin Young
Nice Track!

Like all jazzback tracks, this one is tastefully done and not too busy in the rhythm section. As a sax player, I really appreciate a backtrack that hits that perfect mark of interesting, but not so interesting it detracts from what I'm doing on the lead.

Juan Pablo

very happy with the very high production songs. congratulations for the great effort

Chris Dyson
Stella by Starlight

Free download. Excellent quality track, will be back for more in the future

Billy Byrne
Guide Tracks

Hi Larry. Having purchased some backing tracks from you some years ago I recently added some of your excellent Guide tracks. Some of them have obviously been updated as the tempos and backings do not match the earlier ones - the earlier version of Summertime for example is an upbeat treatment whereas the new guide track is in the more usual slow blues tempo. Both are very good however it just means I cant use them together.

A great find

This free download started me on a wonderful road. Being purely a home player, playing over existing recordings is one thing but having a backing track to play along is something else. The production of the Jazzbacks is excellent, of very high quality and with the inclusion of sheet music in pdf format is a dream. Although I want to play on Alto Flute, with no sheet music supplied for G instruments it was a relatively simple matter to import the included pdf score for C instruments into PhotoScore (Neuratron) and then edit and transpose in Avid's free version of Sibelius. So in just ten days I have now fifteen tracks to go at which obviously says something about how happy I am with Jazzbacks. I hope the library of quality titles keeps increasing and thank Larry for his foresight in producing a terrific product. Full recommendation from this amateur player here in the UK.