Backing Tracks for Piano - Keyboards

The tracks in this category have no piano or other keyboards on them. They have a sparsely played guitar providing some basic chord direction, leaving room for you to lead the tune.

You will gain valuable experience and confidence working with the backing tracks in this category. Play gigs and functions with them and earn your money back tenfold.

If you are a singing pianist or part of a duo you can also successfully work with these tracks.

Horns and other Melody Instrument players may find these lighter, more sparsely played backing tracks to their liking also. Even guitarists might consider using some of these as an alternative to the tracks with piano on them.

If you would prefer to have more sparse backing tracks (without guitar on them) you might consider using our backing tracks for Chordal Instruments.

All tracks include chord charts or sheet music for C, Bb and Eb parts . Any sheet music will be a melody line and chord symbols only, not a full piano score.

Check product details for each selection to see what is included.

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