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Autumn Leaves - for Solo Vocals

  • $8.00

Here are our vocal backing tracks fully arranged for solo singers.

available in the these keys:
Key of Em 
Key of Gm
Key of Am


8 bar intro
Vocal Verse
Sax Solo- (1 time thru)
Vocal verse
3 tags at the end: “when Autumn leaves start to fall” – slowing on the last one.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
David Phelops
Solid Support and Great Sound

I am enjoying singing to to the backing. in the absence of live musicians, this is the next best thing.

The rhythmn and piano backing is thorough, but minimal, leaving plenty of space for putting your own style on top of the chords.

Even with the instrumental solo playing there is room to either let it play, or duet with the soloist.

Stefan G. Rasmussen
Exelent !

Just as the most backings from "Jazzbacks", both you and your audience get the impression, that a "live band" is sitting right behind you...
As performer you feel safe and at the same time inspired by the the way Jazzbacks supports your performance...