Besame Mucho - for Solo Vocals


For Solo Vocal Performance, our backing tracks for Besame Mucho are available for solo vocalists in three keys, Cm, Dm, and Em. These products are made with live piano, guitar, bass and drums in a true jazz quartet setting. 

Available in the keys of:
Cm - for solo vocals - same key as Andrea Bocelli, Dean Martin
Dm - for solo vocals -
the standard key
Em - for solo vocals - same key as Diana Krall, Jose Feliciano, Consuelo Velazquez

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Tempo: 133 bpm

Duration: 4:10 

Intro- 4 bars
Sing through once
Guitar plays the melody once through
Sing one time through
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Besame Mucho - for Solo Vocals


Customer Reviews

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Debra Guthery

Besame Mucho - for Solo Vocals

Irie Mae
My audience loved it

I'm a multi genre singer and I recently decided to go back on stage after becoming a mother, I was hired to sing in a festival and I have my own songs but I wanted something elegant, soothing that matched my voice. And I found this piece!!!! Magnífico! Everyone dances and feels the nostalgia of this beautiful song. Chic! Thank You. Great quality sound, it sounds clean! Well done

Joanna Paula
Nice with energy

It's nice, different from other versions I know, has energy still not overdone :) Thank you

Ruben Cantu
Bésame Mucho Is a Must Have

I have several arrangements of Besame Mucho. This is the arrangement I use the most. The tempo of the song is what sold me. I play tenor saxophone on this one.