Skylark (ballad) - for Vocals


This backing track of Skylark is done as a ballad with just a simple, thoughtful piano providing a golden opportunity for your personal vocal expression. 

Welcome to the Quiet Zone Collection

Whether you work alone, as a solo vocal performer, or in a duo, this backing track offers a lot of possibilities for you.

With this bundle you get all three of these tracks for the one price:

1. Skylark (ballad) - for Solo Vocals 
Piano all the way through, with a short 16 bar piano solo at the start of the second time through. 

2. Skylark (ballad) - for Melody Instruments 
Piano all the way through on this track also, but you can provide your own solo. Vocalists who play an instrument or are in a duo like this fomat.

3. Skylark (ballad) - Guide Track
The melody and solo are played on a guitar to demonstrate how the melody goes. Learn by ear with this track. 

The bundle is available in a choice of keys of:

Ab (in a female vocal range)     the Ella Fitzgerald key
C (in a low male/hi female vocal range)
Eb (the standard key)     
the Gregory Porter key

All three tracks in one bundle at one price.

Duration: 3:47

This version of Skylark (ballad) is played as a ballad, freely, without a ‘click’ track, so it may drift slightly in an expressive way.  

4 bar intro
Twice thru (on the ‘for Vocals’ version there is a 16 bar piano solo during the 2nd time through)

There is a slight slow down at the end

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Skylark (ballad) - for Vocals


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Dane Clarke
Skylark (Ballad) for vocals

Excellent rendition true to the style and melody.