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Backing Tracks for Solo Male Vocal

Our backing tracks for solo vocals have no voices or singing on them. They are fully arranged for Solo Vocal performers. Short instrumental solos are typically provided in the middle of these tracks, and if applicable, the arrangements have been shortened to suit a Solo Performer. These are sing-along (karaoke) tracks.

We have keys to suit both male and female vocal ranges, and these choices will be offered on each song product page from a drop down menu.

Sing along to these songs and become competent at performing live with a real band.

If you really wanted to cut loose as a jazz singer and scat/improvise some choruses, or, you perform in a duo with, for example, a Saxophonist or even a Guitarist, you should consider using our backing tracks for Melody Instruments instead, as these have generally more choruses for solos. Each track comes with chord charts or sheet music for C, Bb, and Eb instruments to pave the road ahead for your career.

Sing your way to health and happiness with Jazzbacks. Keep a playlist of backing tracks in your car - so you can sing while driving!

Jazz Karaoke at it's finest, except that ours are made with live musicians. No midi mock-ups from us.

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We'll Meet Again - for Vocals