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night and day

Backing Track play along. Medium Swing. By Rogers & Hart. Swing along with this romantic classic standard evergreen.

Our backing tracks for Blue Moon are in the following keys...

  • Eb - the standard key - in a male vocal range
  • Ab - an alternate key in a female vocal range

Tempo: 124 bpm

instrument arrangement: (duration - 04:37)
4 bar intro
Solos - 2 Choruses
Outro - 2 extra turnarounds – then a chromatic rundown starting on Ab (concert) finishing on Eb (concert)

solo vocal arrangement: (duration - 02:33)
4 bar intro
Twice Through
2nd time through – sax plays first 16 bars – You can sing along or pick it up at the middle 8
Outro - 2 extra turnarounds – “without a love of my own”