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Careless Whisper

Here are all of our backing tracks and other products for Careless Whisper. Written and performed by George Michaels and released in the nineteen eighties, Careless Whisper is a soulful song with a lot of atmosphere. With it's iconic sax melody and lilting emotional musical mood lamenting lost love Careless Love fits perfectly into our Soulbacks library. 

Available in the key of:
Dm (the original key)

8 bars Intro - ‘sax’ melody
8 bars Verse 1
8 bars Chorus 
4 bars Vamp
8 bars Verse 2
8 bars Chorus
8 bars ‘sax’ melody
8 bars Verse 3
8 bars Chorus
8 bars ‘sax’ melody
8 bars Outro

Tempo: 77 BPM

Duration:  4:37

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