Careless Whisper

Here are all of our backing tracks and other products for Careless Whisper. Written and performed by George Michael and released in the nineteen eighties, Careless Whisper is a soulful song with a lot of atmosphere. With it's iconic sax melody and lilting emotional musical mood lamenting lost love Careless Whisper fits perfectly into our Soulbacks library. 

This backing track will work great as an instrumental performance as well as for vocals.

Available in the key of:
Dm (the original key)

8 bars Intro - ‘sax’ melody
8 bars Verse 1
8 bars Chorus 
4 bars Vamp
8 bars Verse 2
8 bars Chorus
8 bars ‘sax’ melody
8 bars Verse 3
8 bars Chorus
8 bars ‘sax’ melody
8 bars Outro

Tempo: 77 BPM

Duration:  4:37

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Careless Whisper - for Instruments
Careless Whisper - Guide Track
Careless Whisper - Multi Track - Audio Stems Package
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Careless Whisper for Solo Vocals