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Chega de Saudade (No More Blues)

Here are our backing tracks for Chega de Saudade (a.k.a. No More Blues) featuring real jazz played by real musicians on real instruments in a bossa nova style. Chega de Saudade was written by Antonio Jobim and recorded by countless bossa nova and jazz stars including Joao Gilberto, Miles Davis, Carmen Mcrae, and, of course many more singers and instrumentalists around the world.

The song form is unusual as it is practically two songs in one -  the first half of the song being 32 bars in a minor key, the 2nd half of the song is another 36 bars) long and is in a major.

Arrangement (for instruments):
64 bar song format ((A,B,C,D sections)
8 bars intro Dm

Play 3 times through - for example Head, Solos, Head
8 bars Outro

Arrangement (for solo vocals)
Intro - 8 bars
2 times through (Sing once thru/ Guitar Solo/ Pick up vocals at “Everyday while I am
faraway…8 bars Outro