Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile)

As done by Guitar legend Carlos Santana and sax man Gato Barbieri. We have backing tracks for this song in the Carlos Santana 
key (Cm), and in the  Gato Barbieri key of (Gm). A stellar instrumental! Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile) reached the top of charts around the world in latin countries like Spain, for example.
A cycle of fifths latin rock beauty!

available in 2 keys:
Cm - (the Santana key)
Gm - (the Gato Barbieri key)

81 bpm

intro: 1 bar of percussion - melody leads in
8 bars - finish on minor chord
8 bars - finish on major chord
8 bars - finish on minor chord
8 bars - finish on minor chord with a full stop
8 bars - finish on major chord
6 bars and then...
tempo change to outro
outro: 32 bars

performed by:
Gato Barbieri
Jimmy Sommers

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