My Funny Valentine - for Solo Female Vocals


Suitable for Solo Male or Female Vocals. Fully arranged with a short solo.

available in the key of:
Gm - for female vocals

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arrangement for solo vocals:

8 bar intro - guitar plays
Once thru with vocals
2nd time thru Trumpet plays melody for first 32 bars
Vocal picks up at ‘Is your figure less than Greek?’
Sing to end

My Funny Valentine - for Solo Female Vocals


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lovely track and

This one gave me chills when heard it, which means I could sing it with a great deal of subtle emotion, which that can be communicated to my audiences.

I was delighted to find this site and don't mind paying more for the tracks because of the quality. I have paid much more for custom made tracks, which I rarely buy because of the cost.

Worth every penny

When I buy a track from Jazzbacks I know the RIGHT kind of people are buying and using them to support their talents and business. I would love to put my own tracks together but I can't and I'd have to pay a lot more to get someone to do it for me privately. Well done Jazz Backs for such quality tracks and unlike Karaoke version I can't hear a drowned out singer in the background of them. More please!

Over priced

I have to agree with the first review...it's nice but overpriced. this will be my last option for any song I absolutely can't find elsewhere. thankfully I've been able to purchase really professional sounding options for reasonable price.

Hi Debs... what you might not realise is that we have a generous Rewards system whereby you get free tracks. Plus, we have amazing sales via our Newsletter. All in all, it works out pretty good for our customers.

Elle Reece
Very nice, but way over price!

So you're thinking... 'How can you say they're fabulous in one breath and overpriced in another'?
Well, just because something is quality and well done, doesn't mean to say it should be 'three times' the cost of other backing tracks!
I'd say that's just downright greedy.
Jazzbacks would have far more people buying their tracks if they priced sensibly... and no, maybe not as cheaply as something like Karaoke Version, a majority of which are a bit cheesy, but probably £2.00/£3 each is enough.

I've bought one but no more as, if I fulfilled my playlist needs, I'd have to work about 6 months to break even!