Golden Lady

Free backing track of Golden Lady from Stevie Wonder's Innervisions album for all instruments and vocals - sax, guitar, keyboards, bass, drums. Recorded live with our live R&B combo. From our Soulbacks label.

We are offering these for free to give you a taste of what we have heare at Jazzbacks.

includes free lead sheets for C, Bb, and Eb instruments

available in the key of:

  • Eb - the standard, and original key
tempo: 96 bpm


8 bar intro
verse, chorus
verse, chorus
8 bar instrumental section
‘A touch of rain and sunshine’
keychange – chorus
keychange – chorus
End on A Maj7

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Golden Lady - Free Download - for Bass
Golden Lady - Free Download - for Guitar
Golden Lady - Free Download - with Bass and Drums Only
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Golden Lady - Free Download for Drums
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