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I Believe I Can Fly

Our backing tracks for this uplifting song are professionally produced by our Soulbacks team of experienced musicians ready for instant download. Written by R Kelly, this version is based on the Yolanda Adams and Kenny G versions of the selection. Lead sheets guide through the tastefully done keychanges of this special arrangement.

We have backing tracks for this piece in the key of:
F major - the standard key

tempo: 62 bpm

lead sheets are included at no extra cost.


intro: no tempo (approx 8 bars)
verse - 8 bars
bridge - 4 bars
chorus - 10 bars
verse - 8 bars
bridge - 4 bars
chorus - 8 bars
key change to Db - 8 bars
key change to Ebm - bridge
key change to G - chorus - 10 bars
outro - 6 bars

performed by:
r kelly
kenny g
yolanda adams