Here is our complete collection of backing tracks for the Stevie Wonder song, Lately. These tracks were produced in our studios with our fully live team of musicians including live drums, bass, keyboards and guitar. 

Released by Stevie in 1981 on his 'Hotter Than July' album, this ballad hits all of the emotional buttons and has been covered by many artists. like George Benson and Jodeci, for example. 

Available in the keys of:
Bb - in a male vocal range 
F - in a female vocal range

*Note about keys - Lately has a key change which happens during the 2nd time through, towards the end, where it goes up a 4th interval. So the Bb version ends up in Eb, and the F version ends up in Bb. Stevies own version of the song begins in Db and ups in Gb. 

Tempo: 76 Bpm

Duration: 4:12

4 bar intro
Twice through
Key change at end of 2nd time through


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