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My Foolish Heart

Written by Victor Young in 1949, My Foolish Heart has been recorded by Stan Getz, Bill Evans, Tony Bennett, Nat King Cole, John Schofield, Stacey Kent, Roberta Flack, Carmen McRae, John McLaughlin, Oscar Peterson, Astrid Gilberto and more... 

Available in the key of:
Bb - the standard key

Tempo: 77 bpm

Duration: 3:36

Arrangement for - MyFoolishHeartMel.mp3
Intro - 4 bars
Twice through

Arrangement for - MyFoolishHeartVoc.mp3
Intro - 4 bars
Twice through
At the 2nd time through - there is a guitar solo for 16 bars
Come back in at bar 21 of the lead sheet ( “her/his lips are much too close to mine…” )
Continue to end.