Ode To Billy Joe

Our backing tracks for Ode To Billy Joe is a lively, gospel inspired jam track - think Ramsey Lewis and you get the picture. Featuring live Fender Rhodes, double bass, and drums, you'll feel like you are in the Bohemian Caverns nightclub in Washington D.C. in 1965 when you jam along to this backing track. 

Written by Bobby Gentry (real name Roberta Lee Streeter) and released by her in 1967 on her southern gothic album, "Mississippi Delta". It came out as the B-side of a single featuring another song, but it achieved massive success anyway, becoming a huge radio hit.

tempo: 123 bpm

duration: 4:37


(5 times through)

Intro- 8 bars
Head X 2
2 Chorus for soloing
Head X 1
Tags X 2
Slow down on last phrase

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Ode To Billy Joe - for All Instruments