Old Folks

For all instruments and vocalists.

I think it was Dexter Gordon that once said "He who controls the ballad, controls the audience". 
Ballads are easier to play, on one hand, because they are slow, and it is not too difficult to fit all of the notes in, even for a relative beginner. On the other hand, I know of lots of well studied and accomplished musicians who are scared of the ballad, possibly because it makes them feel emotionally exposed and vulnerable.

'Old Folks' is a powerful ballad played by Miles Davis, Dexter Gordon, Wes Montgomery, and many, many more... 
It has also been performed vocally, most notably, by Etta Jones, and also Lou Rawls

The song exudes warmth and sophistication, try it out!

Here are our backing tracks for Old Folks. 

Available in the keys of F - the Miles Davis key, and Bb - the Dexter Gordon key. 

Tempo: 66 bpm

duration: 4:16

2 bar Intro
Twice Through
Slow down at end

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Old Folks - for Melody Instruments
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