The Organ Trio Collection

Organ trios began arriving on the jazz music scene in the late 1940s. The Hammond organ was a ground-breaking new instrument, with it's big amplified sound, via the leslie speaker, and an ability to give the player multiple roles for delivering bass lines, chord comping, melodies and solos all from the one instrument. it was able to fill a room with a sound previously only attainable with a much bigger band and yet, have an intimate personal sound.

An organ trio was usually made up of an organ, electric guitar, and drums. The inclusion of tenor sax was not uncommon for the format.

The rise of the popularity of the organ trio continued through the 1950s. Notable organ playing artists include Jimmy Smith, Jimmy McGriff, and Jack McDuff. Guitarists who often played and recorded with organ trios included Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Howard Roberts, Grant Green and Kenny Burrell, and there many more.

Even though the popularity of the organ trio reached it's commercial peak in the 1960's, the sound of the Hammond organ continued on into funk and fusion bands of the 1970s. In fact the organ trio genre is still alive and well today. 

Here at Jazzbacks we are proud to present our Organ Trio Collection of backing tracks for all instruments. 

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Sunny (Organ Trio) - for All Instruments
Chitlins Con Carne - for All Instruments