Oye Como Va

Our backing tracks for Oye Como Va (Santana) are inspired by the Mongo Santamaria version of this song. The rhythm is helped along with some rare percussion loops (live) from our groove vaults. Get down with this soulful montuna!

available in the key of:

  • A minor - the original, standard key

tempo: 128 bpm

duration: 3:04

Intro 8 bars
Melody 8 bars
Cadence  4 bars
Vocal 8 Bars

"Oye Como Va,
Mi Ritmo,

Bueno pa gosar,
Mulatta" X 2

Cadence 2 bars
Melody 24 bars
Cadence 2 bars
Vocal 8 bars
D7 Build up 4 bars
Soloing 24 bars
Cadence 4 bars


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