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Soulful Strut

Here are our backing tracks for Soulful Strut inspired by the original release of this tune which came out in 1968 as an instrumental by Young-Holt Unlimited.

Soulful Strut is also known as Am I The Same Girl. It is essentially an instrumental version of the same track. 

You may not recognise the title of the tune but most people instantly recognise the smooth, soulful groove and distinctive melody line and brass riff. 

Available here for all instruments in the key of:
Bb (the original key)

Tempo: 98 bpm

Duration: 2:42

Intro - 10 bars 
Verse 1 - 8 bars
Verse 2 - 10 bars
Chorus 4 bars
Riff - 2 bars
Brass Riff - 4 bars
Verse 2 - 8 bars
Verse 4 - 10 bars
Chorus - 4 bars
Riff - 4 bars 

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Soulful Strut - for All Instruments
Soulful Strut - Instrumental Guide Track