We have two versions of Summertime Backing Tracks for you to choose from, or take them both!

  1. Summertime (Ballad), done in the Gershwin format a la Porgy And Bess. Essential for those summer functions. Bluesy Ballad. One of our biggest sellers. Popular with singers and horn players. 
    Our live backing tracks for Summertime (Ballad) are in the following keys...
    Am - The Standard Key;
    Gm - An Alternate Key Suited to Male Vocalists. Tempo: 66 bpm.

  2. Summertime (Jam) - a mid uptempo, lively Organ Trio version of Summertime in a jam session style.
    Summertime (Jam) is available in the key of:
    Cm - an alternative key



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    Summertime (Ballad) - for Melody Instruments
    Summertime (Ballad) - for Solo Vocals
    Summertime (Ballad) - Guide Track
    Summertime (Ballad) - for Guitar
    Summertime (Ballad) - for Piano / Keyboards
    Summertime (Ballad) - Multi-Track Package - Audio Stems
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    Summertime (Jam) - for all instruments
    Summertime (Ballad) - for Bass
    Summertime (Jam) - Guide Track