Nearness Of You - for Melody Instruments


this backing track is:
for Melody Instruments

it is available in 2 keys:
F (the standard key)
C - an alternate key in a female vocal range

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4 bar intro
twice through (AABC x 2)

Nearness Of You - for Melody Instruments


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Nice slow ballad tempo

Great version of the tune. Slow, leaving lots of room for expression yet doesn't drag. All the tracks I've tried so far have been super.

Aytug Alagoz
Backing tracks from jazzbacks

I purchased many tunes from here, "nearness of you" being the last one. Always satisfied with the quality of Jazzback's tracks. If you see what you're looking for, go ahead and make your purchase, download and have fun. You won't regret it.

Laurence Bartone
Incredible musicians to jam with!

I love this tune, but didn't expect much more than a synth piano and mechanical drums. Surprise - great sounding backing. I'll use Jazzbacks for all my practice tunes.

Lars Ullitz
Absolutely marvellous

I play it primarily on tenor, - quite often an octave down. A really slow, soft and tender crooner...

Brent A Clay
Love it.

This backing track captures the New York lounge sound extremely well - as I think of it, anyway. On purchase, you get more than just the audio track. There are lyrics and the chart itself, in three different keys to accommodate Bb and Eb instruments as well as the concert key. Very well done.

Others have commented on the choice of key. For a trumpet, I could see where this track could be a little too high or too low. For tenor sax, which is what I'm playing, it's perfect.

Finally, it's also great being able to hear a solid demo/rendition on YouTube. Here's where to find it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mob7S9EdExM.

Overall, I think this is a great value. I only recently discovered this site.