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Too Late Baby

Light jazz pop at its best. 

Vocalists and instrumentalists are going to love Too Late Baby from Carol King's album, Tapestry, for its clear melody line which so easily accommodates individual expression. The song and album went to number 1 in the new ‘Adult Contemporary’ category of the early 1970s. 

Writers - Lyrics by Toni Stern, music by Carol King. 

Too Late Baby has also been recorded by: The Stylistics, Gloria Estefan, Isley Brothers...

4 bars Intro
8 bars Verse 1
8 bars Chorus
4 bars (like intro)
8 bars Verse 2
8 bars Chorus
8 bars - instrumental melody
16 bars - Solos
4 bars (like intro)8 bars - Verse 3 8 bars Chorus
8 bars - instrumental melody
8 bars Outro

Tempo: 101 BPM
Duration: 4:03