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We'll Meet Again

Here are our backing tracks for We'll Meet Again played with real, live jazz musicians.  Available in three keys for all instruments and vocals.

Written by Ross Parker & Hughie Charles in 1939 it was made famous by Vera Lynn during the World War 2 years. In fact it became the song which defines the WW2 era. 

We'll Meet Again featured in the Stanley Kubrick cold-war film, 'Dr Strangelove', starring Peter Sellers. It was also recorded by the Byrds. 

Available keys: C, Bb, and G.

Instrumental Arrangement
Duration: 3:25

Intro - 4 bars
3 times through
Ending - 3 tags

Tempo: 129 bpm

Vocal Arrangement
duration: 2:22

4 bars intro
Sing through one time
Horn Solo - 16 bars
Sing (so will you please say hello) to end
3 tags ending