Girl From From Ipanema - for Guitar


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Girl From From Ipanema - for Guitar


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Clay King
Girl From Ipanema

Classic standard, you can get backing in many places, but most alternatives have an electronic or mechanical feel. I play professionally in a Blues and a Country band. With COVID almost all of my scheduled performances have been cancelled. I have purchased several backing tracks and they are all ideal for a "real feel" backing band. I am switching over to playing solo jazz gigs, small venues and wineries, etc. These tracks have been a life saver for developing my solo gigs.

Best way to learn Girl From Ipanema

This is excellent stuff. Compared to the competition (Band-in-a-Box, iReal, etc.), it's WAY better.

With BIAB and iReal, you get MIDI sound. Not real instruments. Unless you pay a whole lot for many different styles as add-ons to BIAB. With iReal, you only get MIDI. If your only goal is to learn a piece, I guess MIDI would do. If your goal is to play along and enjoy the sound you're making, MIDI works only if you pay for very expensive studio-grade software.

With BIAB, you DON'T get an arrangement that matches the form of the original piece. You get an arrangement, but not the leading phrases of the other players in the band. And BIAB doesn't make it easy to get all the styles you would like to have. I use BIAB, and am a big fan of it with their real tracks, but it doesn't give you the full feel of the real piece.

iReal and others like that are all MIDI, so they give you the feel, but it was made by someone at a computer, not a someone playing a real musical instrument.

This the real deal - sounds great because it's a real recording, and has proper arrangements for each of the instruments that helps you better learn your part.

Only minus (looking at the prior review): as a single mixdown, it's not easy to copy/paste and lengthen the song while silencing the piano to provide a chorus for doing some improv over bass and drums. That's a piece of cake with BIAB exported to a DAW. Probably could do it with Jazzbacks multi-track option, but at a much higher price.

Nice - but ...

Very nice accompaniment but too short!! ;o)