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Dock Of The Bay - for Melody Instruments

  • $8.00

Suitable for All Melody Instruments and Duos with an added Melody Instrument and/or Vocalist.

available in 2 keys:
G - the standard key
C - an alternate key in a female vocal range

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Excellent Arrangement

I like this track. Even though I'm a guitarist, I chose the track for All Melody Instruments. The guitar version takes out the guitar, but I liked it in the mix. It doesn't get in the way of playing the lead or taking solos. Also, I like the arrangement. The "whistle" section is extended and in the interior of the song. Makes for good contrast and opportunity to improvise. Also there is an outro since the whistle section was relocated. Another opportunity improvise a bit.

Eike Sax
nice and easy.

Nice version with a relaxed groove and bassline, and a subtle development in instrumentation, works just fine.