Easy Living - for Vocals


Sometimes it is nice to just sing along to a piano... without drums, without bass. It is more intimate and direct, to the heart and soul of the audience and of the performer. 

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Whether you are a solo vocal performer or in a duo with an instrumentalist, this backing track offers a lot of possibilities for you.

Bundles are available in the keys of:
Bb (in a female vocal range)
F (in a male vocal range)

With this product bundle you get three tracks for the one price:

Easy Living - for Solo Vocals 
Piano all the way through, but with a short 16 bar piano solo at the start of the second time through. 

Easy Living- for Melody Instruments 
Many of our customers are in duos with, for example, a saxophonist, guitarist or bassist. With this track you have more room and the opportunity to provide your own soloist in a duo setting. There is only piano on this track from start to finish, you provide the solo.

Easy Living - Guide Track
The melody and solo are played on a guitar to demonstrate how they can be performed. Learn by ear with this track.

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Duration: 4:00

Tempo : approximately 70 bpm 


4 bar intro
Twice thru

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Easy Living - for Vocals


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Joanna Paula
Easy simple and beautiful

Easy, simple and beautiful exactly as an "Easy Living" by itself :)) Thank you Jazzbacks

helen morgan
sensitive piano accompaniment

I'm able to create an intimate, piano bar atmosphere with this sensitive accompaniment to this heart-wrenching song. Beautiful playing and at a tempo that is perfect for improvising and making space.
The guide track is particularly useful too because there are some tricky intervals in this song.