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Lady Bird - for All Instruments

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Our backing track for Lady Bird is made with live piano, real double bass, and an actual drummer playing real drums in the Jazzbacks studios. 

LadyBird was written by Tadd Dameron in 1939. It is famous for it's turnaround which John Coltrane used extensively. Other artists to come under it's spell are Chet Baker, Dexter Gordon, Stan Getz...and Miles Davis.

Suitable for intermediate level musicians familiar with ii - V changes. The tempo is 180bpm - reasonably challenging - but can be studied in greater detail using an app capable of slowing tracks down (for example ASD - read my blog about it).

This track comes with a nice clear lead sheet showing all of the chord changes as well as the melody line of the heads.


Available in the key of
C - the Standard key

tempo: 180 bpm

duration: 3:20


8 bar intro
Head X 2
Solos - 4 Chorus
Head  X 2
Outro – same as Intro
Let last chord hang


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Customer Reviews

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