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Learn To Improvise - The Blues

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Learn To Improvise - The Blues - for C, Bb, & Eb instruments is the 3rd in our series of video / e-book tutorial lessons. 

What is included?

  • Video 1 looks at the primary blues scale, blue notes/in-between tones, & bending notes. 
  • Video 2 introduces a secondary/alternative blues scale to use in combination with the primary blues scale.
  • Video 3 deals with jazz chord changes & turnarounds in the blues and offers some be-bop riffs
  • Access to stream special extended blues backing tracks - Play along with Shuffle Blues for all instruments, & Blues with Jazz Turnarounds and Chord Changes for all instruments.


  • Access to the Tool Box. The Tool Box is another set of tutorial videos.
  • Tool Box Video 1 - Major & Minor Triads
  • Tool Box Video 2 - Seventh Chords
  • Tool Box Video 3 - Chord Extensions
  • Tool Box Video 4 - Diminished & Other Chords
  • Tool Box Video 5 - Song Structure
  • Tool Box Video 6 - Transposition of Bb & Eb instruments

The Learn To Improvise series is designed for those looking for an entry point into the world of improvisation, and  “ear players” seeking to improve their jazz theory and chord knowledge.

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