Polka Dots & Moonbeams - for Melody Instruments


Suitable for all melody Instruments and duos with an added vocalist. Includes free lead sheets.

available in 3 keys:

F - the standard key
G - the Wes Montgomery key
C - the Sarah Vaughan key

sample different keys in the player below

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recorded by these artists:

Gil Evans
Wes Montgomery
Sarah Vaughan

Frank Sinatra
Lester Young

Polka Dots & Moonbeams - for Melody Instruments


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nigel Sykes

This song would have to be one of the most romantic ever written. I play it on clarinet and tenor Sax (not at the same time!).
It is what I call a fireside song and I play it at every gig. The audiences love it. I sometimes get a friend to play trumpet (with a harmon mute) for an accompaniment to my wind instruments. WOW! Romance!

Kostas Kirkizotis
Expressive Ballad

A very strong tune. Expression in its best.
High quality recording and the track just lets the energy flow.
This is another top track from Larry!!
Thank you Larry!

Russell Shead
Very nice jazz trio track

Very nice laid back jazz trio track that doesn't get in the way of lead / melody instrument. Plenty of room for single note or chord soloing.