Summertime (Ballad) - Guide Track


Here are our Guide Tracks for Summertime(Ballad). The Instrumental guides are played on a saxophone and are available in both keys, Am and Gm concert. 
We have a vocal guide available in the key of Am sung by a female vocalist. 
Please make sure you select the appropriate key to match the Backing Track you are purchasing.

available in these formats:
Am (concert) Instrumental Guide
Gm (concert) Instrumental Guide
Am - Vocal Guide

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Tempo: 66 bpm


4 bar intro
2 Verses

Solo- Once Thru
1 verses
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Summertime (Ballad) - Guide Track


Customer Reviews

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1st experience with backing tracks

I'm fairly new to music. I predominantly play the tenor sax. Your guide tracks are very useful, very instructive. As I move into the backing track without the guide I can tell that I have developed great timing. Such an enjoyable experience. Thank you to the musicians who prepared these tracks. This tune is clean and classic as played by Stuart MacDonald, it invites the listener in to hear a story. Every person I've played this version to, loves how clean and unbusy it is.
The blueprint for playing a classic tune has certainly been laid down.
Embellishments for players are then left to the imagination and preference of the listener/musicians who have listened to this version at least it was so in my case. It's pretty simple to add personal color to it if desired. Stuart's version is what got me hooked to try jazzbacks to begin with. Once again thank you.

Missing text

The track is in perfect style for playing in relaxed lounging environment but It would be nice to have the lyrics inserted in the lead sheet for perfect use with apps such as onsong

Dave on Tenor
Excellent version

This guide track shows just how great this song can sound. For those of you who felt Summertime is over used, listen to this ultra cool version of it. Then get your backing track for it and bring Summertime to life again in 2019.