You Go To My Head - for Melody Instruments


Suitable for all Melody Instruments like saxophone, trumpet, violin, etc. And Duos with an added Vocal.

available in 2 keys:   (shown in concert pitch)
Eb - the standard key - in a male vocal range
Bb - in a female vocal range

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You Go To My Head - for Melody Instruments


Customer Reviews

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Nigel Sykes
You've gone to my heart

Always a favourite with me. I've wanted to play it after hearing both Ella Fitzgerald and Nat King Cole sing versions of this gorgeous song.
Thanks to Larry at Jazzbacks I now have it. I've added to my gig list for both Clarinet, and Tenor Sax (albeit a slower rendition). A big YAY! to Jazzbacks.

Swingy ballad

This is mostly known as a jazz ballad, but this one has this swing feeling in it that makes it much more fun to play.
I sure prefer this tune on this faster swing track than the originally ballad.

Great backing track, finally

I’ve bought a couple of backing tracks from jazzbacks.com and have been really happy with all of them. I don’t know why it’s hard to find good backing tracks given the number of musicians that use them, but so glad that jazzbacks.com is here and does such a good job. Good service as well.

Arce C
More Love

I have purchased all of my professionally made tracks from the well known suppliers. I was excited to find Jazzbacks and I’m happy with every one of my Jazzback tracks. I’ve even purchased several tracks twice, so I could replace “the well known supplier version” with a Jazzbacks version. They are worth every penny. I love the perfect intro, the heartbeat, and endings. Thank you very much,