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Lately - for Solo Vocals

Lately - for Solo Vocals

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This backing track is suitable for Solo Vocals. This being a Stevie song, I'm leaving it 'gender neutral' as far as vocal ranges go.  But, I am a guy with an average vocal range and I find the key of Bb works best for me, it's still demanding, but it works for me. Keep in mind that the song arrangement changes key up a fourth - so the Bb version goes up to Eb, and the F version goes up to Bb. Stevie's own recording of Lately is in Db (it goes up to Gb), which places it in the middle of our keys.

Available in the keys of:
Bb - for Solo Vocals - (a little lower than Stevie's key)
F - for Solo Vocals - (a little higher than Stevie's key)

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