Teach Me Tonight - for Instruments


Here are our backing tracks ofTeach Me Tonight, done as a ballad. 

From our Quiet Zone Collection

Sometimes it is nice to just play the melody along to a piano... without drums, without bass. It is more intimate and direct, to the heart and soul of the audience and to the performer. Welcome to the Quiet Zone...

Suitable for all instruments and duos with vocalists. 

Bundles available in the keys of
Eb  (the standard key)
Ab  (in a female vocal range)
C    (in a male vocal range)

With this bundle you get three tracks for the one price

     1. Teach Me Tonight - for Instruments 
There is only piano providing chordal backing on this track from start to finish.  

     2. Teach Me Tonight - for Vocals 
Piano all the way through, but with a short 16 bar piano solo at the start of the second time through. I know many horn players like to use these tracks  as well as vocalists.

     3. Teach Me Tonight- Guide Track 
The melody and solo are played on a guitar to demonstrate how they can be performed. Learn by ear with this track. 

Duration: 3:33
Tempo: 80 bpm 

4 bar intro
Twice thru


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Teach Me Tonight - for Instruments


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
dan shackell
quiet zone

The Quiet Zone is a brilliant addition- just what I've been looking for. Great quality and love the simplicity.

Beth Duncan
Jazzbacks help me keep my chops in shape!

Jazzbacks are a fantastic way to keep my vocal chops in shape. I use them to learn new songs, practice scatting and refresh my memory of jazz standards already in my book. Tracks can't replace live interaction, but the recordings are made with real musicians, which is the next best thing. Teach Me Tonight is a great addition to list of tunes offered by Jazzbacks.

Another Excellent One

I have enjoyed all of tracks I own from The Quiet Zone collection. I not only appreciate the production quality and arrangements of this and others for solo guitar enjoyment, I enjoy them anytime - even on a special playlist I've made for driving. There's just something special about a piano playing great classic songs flawlessly in the background. Never gets old.