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When I Fall In Love - for Instruments & Vocals

  • $8.00

Here are our backing tracks of When I Fall In Love, done as a ballad. 

From our Quiet Zone Collection

Sometimes it is nice to just play the melody along to a piano... without drums, without bass. It is more intimate and direct, to the heart and soul of the audience and to the performer. Welcome to the Quiet Zone...

Suitable for all instruments and vocalists

Bundles available in the keys of:
Eb  (the standard key)
C  (in an alternative vocal range)
Ab (in a female vocal range)

With this bundle you get three tracks for the one price

     1. When I Fall In Love - for Instruments 
There is only piano providing chordal backing on this track from start to finish.  

     2. When I Fall In Love - for Vocals 
Piano all the way through, but with a short 16 bar piano solo at the start of the second time through. I know many horn players like to use these tracks  as well as vocalists.

     3. When I Fall In Love- Guide Track 
The melody and solo are played on a guitar to demonstrate how they can be performed. Learn by ear with this track. 

Duration: 3:36

Tempo : approximately 70 bpm 

4 bar intro
Twice thru


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