Learn To Improvise - Autumn Leaves


Learn To Improvise - Autumn Leaves - for C, Bb, & Eb instruments is a set of video  tutorial lessons intended for use with our backing track for Autumn Leaves in the key of Gm (concert).

What is included?

  • Video 1 looks at how to use the pentatonic scale with Autumn Leaves. 
  • Video 2 focuses on 'target notes' for each chord.
  • Video 3 offers some licks to use over ii - V7 progressions and more
  • Access to stream/download a special extended backing track of Autumn Leaves


  • Access to the Tool Box. The Tool Box is another set of tutorial videos.
  • Tool Box Video 1 - Major & Minor Triads
  • Tool Box Video 2 - Seventh Chords
  • Tool Box Video 3 - Chord Extensions
  • Tool Box Video 4 - Diminished & Other Chords
  • Tool Box Video 5 - Song Structure
  • Tool Box Video 6 - Transposition of Bb & Eb instruments

The Learn To Improvise series is designed for those looking for an entry point into the world of improvisation, and  “ear players” seeking to improve their jazz theory and chord knowledge.

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Learn To Improvise - Autumn Leaves


Customer Reviews

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Abe Wischnia
This is What I Was Looking For

This is the best introduction to improvisation I’ve come across.

My instrument is violin. I was classically trained to play what’s printed on the sheet music and follow the orchestra conductor. There was nothing about music theory or chord construction. I started playing in grade school and quit when I got to college. Then I picked it up again after retiring.

I wanted to start improvising to jazz standards but didn’t understand how or know where to begin. Other courses and videos I found assumed more chord and music theory than I had. They left me frustrated.

Then I found this course.

Jeremy Platt does a great job using a keyboard to explain the concepts. His videos led me to those “ah-ha” moments that helped me understand what I had been missing. I especially appreciated his “Toolbox” series on chord construction. They gave me a foundation to begin learning rather than struggling.

I only wish there were additional videos in this series to help apply the concepts to other songs. But at least I now have a path to follow rather than stumbling blindly.

Bill Mattes
Excellent Grounding

Much as I've "dabbled" in jazz for 15 years (without formal instruction), I indeed found the videos informative and grounding what I've picked up here and there. In particular, the introductory videos, while very basic, did clue me into ideas about chords I hadn't grasped and the one on Song Structure filled a gap I didn't appreciate (folks who did know what they were doing would refer to "going back to the head" and I'd have to guess).

Clearly the Autumn Leaves videos offered a great perspective on this piece. Thanks so much.

Learning Autumn Leaves Improv

This package is perfect for a beginner like me who know very little about music theory. The videos are really useful and easy to understand. The backing track, as always, is brilliant. So nice to 'play along' with real musicians and not digital sounds. Great job Larry, thank you!

chris willis
Just what I needed

This is perfect for the beginning improviser, helps you understand the basics how to improvise and truly understand the song, so you don't have to struggle so much I do wish one thing that you could put it in bass clef with tabs if so I would purchase this again and again.

Terry Connor
Great idea and great track

WHAT A GREAT IDEA to include further learning tools within a backing track purchase. Whilst the experienced artists using backing tracks may find the price of the total package a little too much, the less experienced will be able to learn the piece and at the same time the training aids available within the purchase will ultimately lead to improved performance and increased jazz knowledge.