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Welcome to The Quiet Zone Collection

Relax and play along with our pianist in the Zone

Play it again, Sam...
The Quiet Zone is a collection of jazz backing tracks featuring a thoughtfully played solo piano - no drums, no rhythm section. These tracks are purposely produced as accompaniment for you and your instrument, whether it is a horn, your voice, or any other melody instrument, to give you plenty of space in a mellow and uplifting atmosphere.
The easy pace of the ballad format makes it ideal for jazz beginners as well as more experienced players.

The products in the Quiet Zone are bundles. In each bundle you get three tracks for the one price offered in a variety of keys:

  • a track - for Melody Instruments  - There is only piano proving chordal backing on this track from start to finish
  • a track - for Solo Vocals - piano all the way through, but with a short 16 bar piano solo at the start of the second time through. (I know many horn players like to use these tracks  as well as vocalists).  
  • a Guide Track - The melody and a solo are played on guitar to demonstrate how they can be performed. Learn by ear with this track. 

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14 products
Stardust - for All Instruments and Vocals
Darn That Dream - for Instruments
Alone Together - Ballad
Teach Me Tonight - for Instruments
Teach Me Tonight - for Vocalists
Easy Living - for Vocals
Darn That Dream - for Vocalists
I'll Remember April - (Quiet Zone)